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Points To Remember For Applying Google Adsense

    Points to Remember to apply Google Adsense
    • Your website must be 6 months old.( Applicable for some countries only)
    • Don’t submit your website in Google Adsense if it stills under construction.
    • Your website must have original content.
    • Your should have more than 100 articles or 100 pages on your website
    • You must have a registered domain on your name.
    • Your website must not have broken links (if your website have broken links then Google Adsense will disapprove your submission.)
    • Your Gmail account should be registered on your name, example:
    • Be sure to submit the correct information, especially your Street Address.
    • You should create an ownership page that verifies that you own your website.
    • Beside you should read terms and conditions carefully.

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