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Facebook Send Button To Share Contents

Install a new Facebook social plugin called “Send“, which allows visitors to send your content to their friends. People can send your URL in an inbox message to their Facebook friends,

iPhone Applications, Utilities And Tools

Although you're not likely to see schools issuing an iPhone to every faculty and staff member, the fact is that the iPhone is a great tool for education. Whether you're a teacher, librarian, or other educator, there are a number of apps that can help you do your job better. Here, we'll take a look at 50 of these apps and what they can do for you.

Top BlackBerry Business Applications

Armed with a BlackBerry and these apps, you can track your stock portfolio, expenses, and even billable hours.
  1. Mortgage Calculator: This lightweight mortgage calculator will present you with your monthly loan amount in a quick, simple format.

Top 25 iPhone Business Applications

iPhone owners will love these applications that offer functionality like currency exchange, expense tracking, and even deal finders.

iPhone Applications Collection

1. HeyWay – HeyWay uses GPS to locate your current position to share or send it to your friends through Push Notification.

3D Panaroma with iPhone Application

iPhone Application: Now panoramic capture has become accessible to photographers by way of mobile app makers. The new iPhone app UScapeit is the latest of the bunch and makes capturing and sharing the perfect 3D panorama as

Free Text Message

Author: Redvers. Two "welcome" messa...Image via Wikipedia
Quick and easy SMS feature when you just have to get out a text quickly.Free Text Messaging, Free SMS or Free Text Message to

Free Conference Call Through Wiggo

Conference calling is just one feature of Wiggio’s free group-management service. The site also helps users plan meetings, send mass text messages, plan projects and take polls within groups.

Free Conference Call Service Through Rondee

Rondee is the best free conference call service and the only conferencing service with web-scheduling and attendance tracking.Free and Easy to Use.Schedule conference calls in advance or use the conference bridge Rondee is a champ at coordinating conference calls with minimal email

How to Backup Android Phone?

Backup could be necessity in some cases. Android doesn't offer a native backup service, so it's easy to ignore the need to do so. Many of us rely on our phone cameras to snap  photos and save text messages. So before a thief swipes that phone, or a spilled cup of coffee bricks it, follow these tips: Backup your phone.Google has your back.

Free International Calls For Certain Countries

With Google Voice, anyone can initiate a conference call by having the call participants dial his Google Voice number at the same time. As each participant calls in, the initiating user will be asked to approve the person on the line to join the call. Note that Google Voice does not currently offer services for inviting call participants or soliciting RSVPs.

Free Conference Calls

Free conference calls are simple and easy to use, requiring only a name and an e-mail address to receive an instant account.“Free,” in this instance, means a service that doesn’t charge extra call

Free Text Message, Free SMS To Mobile Through WebSite.

Free Text Messaging, Free SMS or Free Text Message to Mobile are hot search in web these days. Here you can find some of them. Text message or SMS are really important in the present World. Sometimes, during text message, if you forgot your phone, or you have poor cell reception, so what can you do?

Now its not the real problem. Here are few Solutions.

Conference call and Text messaging

The group messaging app that dominated conversation at SXSW this year is also an excellent conference call option. Each group a user creates is assigned a single phone number. Texting that number sends a message to all members of the group. Calling that number puts

Change Facebook Chat Sound Notification

Change Facebook Chat Sound Notification
Facebook chat pop sounds is really good but its seems boring when we always hear that. If you don’t like sound and want

Script Text Emoticons For Facebook Chat

Most of the browser need extra application for emoticons to be displayed on facebook chat. If you don't want  extra application here are all available text emoticons,

Free SMS, MMS And Group Message

Textie Messaging - Beautiful free text chat unlimited

This iPhone SMS app is definitely a money-saver. It allows you to send messages in three ways - to other Textie users, via e-mail to non-Textie users and to U.S. mobile phones. That's for free. Once any of your friends reply,

Free SMS From Mobile To All Over The World

Text messaging to friends and family will certainly increase the relationship between your friends. More you keep in touch with friends, more you get care. But if your friends are far away in different countries messaging is little expensive. So what ll be the solution? 

Send Free SMS (Text Message) Using Gmail

You Can send SMS to your friends and family member who are far from you by using Gmail. Gmail had provided the SMS Service to its clients.
You have to change certain change to its setting for the activation. Here is the steps.

Playing java Based Mobile Games On PC

Do you wish to run mobile games on your PC? If yes, How to run mobile games on PC? The big question mark will stand in front of you. The games that are in the .jar format which supports almost most of the mobile phones. Now don't worry you could play those java mobile games on your PC easily.

SJBoy Emulator - Simulate Run Mobile Java Game & Application on PC

How to run java game in your Personal Computer? Do you want to run jar applications in your PC? Then You can try the Mobile Phone Tool call as SJBOY Mobile Phone Emulator. With this Mobile Emulator your can run any application that should be able only run in Mobile Phone in your Personal Computer just like you run it in Mobile Phone. This could be Game, Jar File, Mobile Messenger, Mobile Application and many more.

Different Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Great Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Wordpress doesn’t allow ads on your blog unless they are the ones who place them there, however there are many blogging platforms that do

Make Money Online From Advertise In Your Blog

Make Money Online, Earn Money Online (Free Online Money).

Most of the blogger become confused to

Earn Money Online. Can Google Adsense and AdBrite Ads be added on Same Page? Yes

Almost all people want to earn money online using Google Adsense in their websites, blogs, forums. Sometimes we also want to make money online and try other ads like AdBrite, WidgetBucks, etc. But we worry about the Google Adsense TOS in the way to get money online. Since we know Google is very strict in its rules and can easily ban the person violating its TOS and can hamper on free money making process.

I was also finding myself in the same situation. I wanted to use AdBrite ads along with Google Adsense but was worried about Google TOS.

Best Browser For Long Lasting Laptop Battery Backup.

Browser used in the system may also be the cause to reduce the battery backup time. Recently Microsoft made tests over browsers, which showed that on a Windows 7 laptop

Google's Android OS on Desktop

Trying Android on desktop may be exciting or surprising for many of us. Try it on your system you can feel that your system is getting faster. Here is the technique to run Android on your desktop.

Extend The Laptop Battery Life, Few Simple Steps

Extending the laptop Battery life can be made simple. Most of us use laptop at home and many of us prefer to use laptop connecting with charger.

Free iPhone And iPad Apps For Learning Yoga

Yoga, the ancient and scientific technique of exercise. Due to junk food and technology the health problem as obesity, hypertension and many more.... are increasing day by day in society. Fortunately some health conscious people

Add Drop Down Menu On Your Blog

You Can add Drop Down Menu on your blog. Just you have to follow following steps.

Don’t forget to backup your current blogger template, ( by downloading it )
1. Add The Menu CSS

Drop Down Menu Widgets

To add drop down menu in blogger you just need CSS and HTML code and put that code at the right place in your blog and done.Here are Horizontal CSS Drop down menus.May exist between blogger friends who find difficulty in

Maximize Battery Life on Your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase
If you got a shiny new Apple device, but you’re so addicted that the battery is running out way too soon. Don't be frustrated here is solution for you.Many of these tips are going to be common sense, and won’t be a surprise to  readers. If someone ask you how to improve their battery life? Then here is the answer.

Keep Your iDevice Out of the Sun

Two Android Applications To Cut Down Your Phone Bills

Google User