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SJBoy Emulator - Simulate Run Mobile Java Game & Application on PC

How to run java game in your Personal Computer? Do you want to run jar applications in your PC? Then You can try the Mobile Phone Tool call as SJBOY Mobile Phone Emulator. With this Mobile Emulator your can run any application that should be able only run in Mobile Phone in your Personal Computer just like you run it in Mobile Phone. This could be Game, Jar File, Mobile Messenger, Mobile Application and many more.

Sjboy Mobile Phone Emulator Mobile Phone Simulator
Sjboy is Mobile Emulator that would simulate Mobile Phone of Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola  in your Personal Computer 

Why use Mobile Phone Emulator
The reason behind this could be variable. For example you download jar game from the internet and want to try the mobile game before you install it in your computer. You want to chat in Mig33 or eBuddy Mobile Messenger or other Mobile Messenger like you chat in your Mobile Phone.

Here are some features of it…
1. Simulation more quickly. Sjboy is based on the realization Sun MIDP2.0 framework, based on a lot of optimization, to speed has been improved.
2. Support dynamic change conform. Currently in sjboy including Nokia40 V1, Nokia 60,Moto V3, SE built-in skins.
3. Screen capture. You can right-interception current screen content, and as your desktop theme. Currently supports the preservation of BMP format.
4. Rich API. Including the mainstream market models, and the game/programs might need all the pictures and sound formats.
  • Note:
  • Support multi instances…
  • Support jar files…
  • open jar files with it…
    • Run “Start-SjBoy.exe” then go to File menu -> Open & browse jar files to run.
    • U can make it default program for open jar files or “right click” on jar file, select “open with…” then browse “SjBoy-ChingLish.exe”.
    • - Drag & drop jar file over “SjBoy-ChingLish.exe”
  • To take screenshot go to Tools menu -> Screenshot or right click on sjboy screen select SaveScreen.
  • For changing interface skin go to Skins menu & select any skin from thr u can also
  • browse more custom window skins through  <<< More Skins >>> option.
  • Custom Window Skins…
  • SjBoy Directory -> plugin
  • Select any .phone files to change the interface skin.
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