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Playing java Based Mobile Games On PC

Do you wish to run mobile games on your PC? If yes, How to run mobile games on PC? The big question mark will stand in front of you. The games that are in the .jar format which supports almost most of the mobile phones. Now don't worry you could play those java mobile games on your PC easily.
There is KEmulator. KEmulator is a free portable emulator for PC that allows you to play .jar games.  The gaming experience is same as in mobile you can resume and pause the game similar to the mobile phone option. But the defect is you cann't hear any sound in games, as it is not related to Windows sound files.

Once you’ve installed the KEmulator, now setup the key mappings or keypad settings from the tools > options so that you can start playing the games flawlessly.
You can also record your activity as videos and take screen captures of the games you’re playing. It supports 2D and 3D graphics. Not only games, it supports all the .jar format such as .jar games, .jar softwares etc.
Download KEmulator Download Link 1 | Alternate link 2

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