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Free iPhone And iPad Apps For Learning Yoga

Yoga, the ancient and scientific technique of exercise. Due to junk food and technology the health problem as obesity, hypertension and many more.... are increasing day by day in society. Fortunately some health conscious people
across the world look forward to yoga and the benefits it can give to health and well being. These days technology can be used to learn yoga, and mobile applications are a great way to learn yoga poses.

Yoga Free for iPad is currently being used by over a million people worldwide, and comes with 200 poses which have detailed photos and instructions. Users can create and edit their own yoga routine quickly and easily. There is also a readymade routine, and a training mode will help beginners.

Capital Yoga is another free application which has been designed by Jamine Ackert who teaches yoga to other teachers. The app includes parts of the Jamine’s Beginning Yoga class. Each pose is accompanied with photos and both audio and written instructions. Users can even choose their own music while using the app. This is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Yoga with Tania Lite is a preview for other applications, but it still has ten yoga poses with pictures, with written and verbal guidance. There are also two guided warm-up sequences, and is suitable for levels of skill. Owners of iOS Devices can enjoy this application.
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