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iPhone Applications, Utilities And Tools

Although you're not likely to see schools issuing an iPhone to every faculty and staff member, the fact is that the iPhone is a great tool for education. Whether you're a teacher, librarian, or other educator, there are a number of apps that can help you do your job better. Here, we'll take a look at 50 of these apps and what they can do for you.
Make use of these apps to wrangle notes, expenses, and more.
  1. Dexy: Dexy offers easy free-form note organization, so you can have your notes anywhere you go.
  2. Omnifocus: Track your tasks with this easy to use app.
  3. QuickVoice: If an idea strikes you while you're out and about, use this app to make a voice note.
  4. Evernote: This iPhone app will make it easy to capture and tag items, notes, and more.
  5. 30Boxes: Stay on top of assignments, meetings, and deadlines using this calendar app.
  6. Harvest Time & Expense Tracker: Track education related expenses and more using this app.
  7. Air Sharing: Keep important documents with you while you're on the go with this app.
  8. Pageonce: Use this personal assistant to take control of your mobile Internet life.
  9. Mileage Counter: With Mileage Counter, you can track education-related mileage.
  10. iBlueSky: iBlueSky offers mind mapping for the iPhone, so you can get your thoughts out wherever you are.
  11. Remember the Milk: Use this app to stay on top of all the important things you need to take care of.
  12. Attendance Countdown: Find out exactly how many hours you're working by tracking your time with this app.
Make your iPhone work just a little bit harder with these apps.
  1. TouchType: With this tool, you'll be able to take advantage of spell check and be sure that you're setting a good example.
  2. WeDict: The WeDict app offers a free dictionary program.
  3. Graphing Calculator: If you need a graphing calculator, just download this one for the iPhone.
  4. Date Wheel: This app will calculate the time between months, days, and more, so you'll know exactly when assignments are due. You can also start a countdown to remind your students how much time they have left.
  5. OpenClip: OpenClip offers a convenient way to copy and paste on the iPhone.
  6. Mocha VNC Lite: Use this app to get remote access to your home or work computer.
  7. TouchCalc: Make use of this iPhone app to get a fully featured calculator.
Use these apps to communicate more efficiently and effectively.
  1. Ifbyphone: You can use this app to collaborate with a number of students at one time.
  2. Facebook: If your students are on Facebook, you can keep them updated through this app.
  3. WordPress for the iPhone: Educators who regularly blog can take advantage of this app.
Get better control and access to books, videos, and more with these apps.
  1. BookShelf: Download this app to turn your iPhone into a book reader.
  2. Poptiq: With this service, you can get educational videos on your iPhone.
  3. Stanza: This app will make it easy and enjoyable to read digital books, newspapers, and other publications on your iPhone.
  4. AirMe: Using AirMe, you'll be able to upload geotagged photographs directly to Twitter to share with your students.
  5. Classics: Get access to some of the classics of literature, and read them just like a real book with this app.
Teaching Tools
These apps offer visual displays, lesson opportunities, and more.
  1. Word of the Day: Get a new word to share with your students every day from this app.
  2. Atom in a Box: The Atom in a Box app will help visualize the Hydrogenic atomic orbitals.
  3. AccelaStudy Vocabulary Builder: With this app, you'll be able to expand your English vocabulary and share your knowledge with students.
  4. Talking Phrasebooks: Get commonly needed foreign language translations on your iPhone using this app.
  5. Google Earth: This app will help you share geography with your students on the fly.
  6. EngLits: Get study guides for commonly assigned reading subjects from this collection of apps.
  7. Birthdays in History: Learn about and share historical birthdays with this app.
  8. iPresident: With this app, you'll get the details on all of the Presidents of the United States of America.
  9. Fact of the Day: This application displays new educational facts every day.
  10. Did You Know?: With this app, you'll get a daily dose of useful and interesting facts.
  11. Quote of the Day: Use this application to get a new quote every day.
  12. Words of the World: Words of the World will share a new word in six different languages every day.
  13. This Day in History: Learn about and share different events in history from this app.
  14. Starmap: This app is like a handheld planetarium.
Get quick access to reference material through your iPhone with the help of these apps.
  1. GeoPedia: Make use of Geopedia to find landmarks around you and your school through Wikipedia articles.
  2. Wikipanion: Use this app, and you'll get all of Wikipedia at your fingertips.
  3. WorldCat: Locate a book in a library near you by using this app.
These apps offer even more useful functions for educators on the iPhone.
  1. Tap Tap Revenge: Take a break from hard work with this fun game.
  2. Brain Tuner: Put your mind to work and stay fresh with this brain teasing app.
  3. Set your students up with a website, and they can track their grades, assignments, notes, and more.
  4. ToyArk: Through this app, you can search for educational toys to use in your classroom.
  5. School of Rock: Inspired by the movie of the same name, School of Rock will teach students the fundamentals of music.
  6. KuGon: With this app, you can improve your memory skills, thinking, and speed
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