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Free Conference Call Through Wiggo

Conference calling is just one feature of Wiggio’s free group-management service. The site also helps users plan meetings, send mass text messages, plan projects and take polls within groups.

To set up a conference call, users can either invite a group they have set up within the system or enter individual email addresses. Unlike Rondee, Wiggio gives users the option to import their email contacts from non-Outlook email accounts, which makes this part a little easier. But Wiggio lacks Rondee’s RSVP feature — although the invite emails include calendar invites, it can be hard to determine who plans to dial in to the meeting.
During the call, the moderator can switch between conversation mode (unmute all), Q&A mode, and presentation mode (mute all). Unlike most free services that don’t require a download, Wiggio calls aren’t necessarily restricted to voice. Moderators can also set up a virtual meeting that pairs a screen share, a shared whiteboard, file trading and video conferencing options with a conference call.

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