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Top 25 iPhone Business Applications

iPhone owners will love these applications that offer functionality like currency exchange, expense tracking, and even deal finders.
  1. Harvest Time & Expense Tracker: With Harvest, you can enter time and expenses, as well as track time, right as you’re doing it.
  2. iCalc Mortgage Calculator: With this mortgage calculator, you can figure out how much your payments will be on a new mortgage, or just find out how your current payment can change.
  3. Currency Exchange: This app allows you to monitor exchange rates for currencies you’ve selected.
  4. VAT Calculator: Calculate value added tax on the fly with this handy calculator.
  5. TSheets Time Tracker: Make use of this app to clock in and clock out in order to properly bill your clients for time.
  6. Carpool Calculator: Use this calculator to determine how much you can save and how many miles per gallon you’re getting. You can even use it to determine your fare, or find people to carpool with.
  7. iBillTo: With iBillTo, you can keep track of your clients’ billing information, including their rates and the hours you’ve worked on their project.
  8. BudgetBuster: Stay on top of your household budget right on your iPhone. This is especially helpful for tracking small purchases like coffee and snacks while you’re on the go.
  9. iCalc Car Loan Calculator: Using this calculator, you can work out the details of any car loan from your iPhone.
  10. iTIPZ: With this tip calculator, you can determine your tip, and divide the check. Handy features include the ability to round the bill, or evenpalindrome your amount so that you’ll be sure the correct amount is charged.
  11. AOL Money & Finance: Use this app to stay on top of stock quotes and information right on your iPhone.
  12. Billing Manager: Use Billing Manager to create, send, and track invoices right from your iPhone.
  13. JustAddMoney: Use this expense tracker to follow your expenses as well as the expenses of others in your household.
  14. If you like to play the lottery, be sure to check out this app that will keep you up to date on winning numbers, and even give you lucky numbers.
  15. ClearCheckbook: Using ClearCheckbook, you can manage your finances from anywhere, and even get reports on your spending.
  16. myBudget: Organize your budget and track your expenses with this app. You can even generate reports that will show you how you spend your money.
  17. Receipts: With Receipts, it’s easy to track how much you spend on specific items, offering a record as well as statistics for your purchases.
  18. Compound Interest Calculator: Use this calculator to determine how much you can save over a period of time using compound interest.
  19. Get all the Deals!: Use this preconfigured RSS reader to stay on top of deal feeds from sites like SlickDeals and DealCatcher.
  20. BalanceDo: With BalanceDo, small businesses can send invoices and track receivables from pretty much anywhere.
  21. QuickBooks Online: QuickBooks users can take advantage of this app that will allow you to check your accounts, balances, and more.
  22. StockWatch: With StockWatch, you can create and track your own personalized stock portfolio. The app also features news and gain/loss information.
  23. Wesabe: Using Wesabe, you’ll be able to look up account balances and recent transactions. The app also allows you to enter transactions, so you can see how everything adds up.
  24. Quote Sheet: Put Quote Sheet to work, and you can send customers estimates for work while you’re on the go.
  25. Buxfer: Buxfer is a useful tool for social finance, allowing you to split bills, track what your friends owe, and more

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