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Anamalous Android apps

The Weather Channel :  Among many Android applications the unique and most useful application is weather app, and The Weather Channel’s version beats the pants off the other ones. It uses the location of your phone to automatically update your location and provide immediate weather information, hour-by-hour forecasts, and extended forecasts. It even sends you automated weather alerts to let you know when the next hurricane, tsunami, or tornado is going to hit the location you are currently in.

The Google Power Bar:  This Android apps is included with Android 1.6. This one widget replaced 5 apps  and allows one-touch control of wi-fi, gps, brightness, bluetooth, and auto-sync. Simply the easiest way to reduce your power consumption.


Anypost is a  full featured client that syncs with your account. Post to sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and more with ease. You can also attach photos or update your current location not even this, and view your last 25 messages. You can also view your recent posts including photo thumbnails.

Babbler for Facebook

Babbler for Facebook is the app which provides you some features of the Facebook in your Android Device.  You can see posts on wall and comment on them, share photos and videos directly from your Android device. It  is the full-featured native Facebook client.


Bloo is one the best Facebook app for  your Android Device. This app allows you to view your Facebook Inbox, Feed, Profile, Friend, Photos, Event and you get up to date with your friends and also keeping them up to date with yourself.

Delicious Bookmarks

Delicious Bookmarks application allows you to save bookmarks to Delicious social bookmarking service from the Android web browser. With the help of this app you can simply adds the option to Save to delicious when Share page is selected from the browser menu and you can view your bookmarks in the browser by clicking on the Delicious Bookmarks icon in the application list.

MySpace Mobile

MySpace Mobile is one of the best social networking mobile app. You can just simply download the free application to Android device. It offers concise menus that are easy to learn and fun and quick to use with the press of your touchscreen. You can send and receive messages, update your status, check out profiles, add friends, read and post blogs, and browse photo albums  at Anytime from Anywhere.

Pixelpipe Post & Upload

Pixelpipe Post & Upload is the app which allows you to Upload Photos, Video, Audio and post to Blog & Status services directly from your Android with Pixelpipe and get your content out to your favorite social network, blog and photo/video sites. It provides you over 100 supported services like Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Blogger, Twitter, Foursquare, Brightkite, Evernote, Ovi, Pixel Pipe and many more from your Android device.

Blogger App

Google’s Blogger service is one of the most popular blogging apps for Android. This app allows you to write-up a quick blog post on the go. Using the app, you can easily compose a post, upload pictures directly from the gallery, and either save it as a local draft for later or immediately publish it to your blog. It les you easy switch to multiple accounts and blogs, write and save/publish, share locations, and more.

The Gmail app

Now push, sync, conversations, integration, search, and more with the Gmail app for android. The dedicated Gmail application integrated with Contacts and Android applications. It lets you Email pushed automatically to your phone Search all your messages, Access synched messages when off-line, View messages by conversation, Multiple Gmail accounts, Stars, labels, and many other features.

Digg for Android

The Digg app, the way to read the social news website. For those unfamiliar with Digg, web content that appears on Digg is ranked by user popularity. The app lets you to participate on Digg through the digging and burying of stories and comments. The main aim of this app is pretty straightforward, to create an easy-to-read format that is better than viewing the website on your phone’s native web browser. Digg for Android keeps a track of read and unread stories. The app is limited in features yet optimal for mobile.

3D Motion Twitter

3D Motion Twitter is really changing the way you use Twitter.  The ability to translate Tweets is just amazing. 3D Motion Twitter has a pretty long list of languages you can choose from to translate a tweet to the language of your preference for your viewing pleasure in seconds. It Large easy-to-tap buttons make one-handed navigation comfortable.  It ia just the Twitter like you have  never experienced before..!

DroidIn Pro

Droidin Pro is the next generation of the first ever LinkedIn Android application. Access your LinkedIn account with amazing features like, Network updates Post, status update, Contacts (alphabetized and flat view), Profile, Communications (send invites and contact mail) , Save/recover drafts, Keywords search, Contacts search. New Droidin is fast, native Android client (not a web app) driven by the LinkedIn Open API. It removes any ads and limits from the free version. It is also of the famous Htc Apps.

Flickr Droid

Flickr Droid is an app for the Android platform of mobile phones who lets users to browse their photos and sets, search friends and their photos, and browse public Flickr photos. You can also Edit comments, save images, and set wallpaper. Upload saved photos, take photos on the fly and upload.


IMEasy is many in one Instant Messenger App for your Android device. This app lets you chat with friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook,Google Talk, Like eBuddy Fring Meebo Nimbuzz and other IM apps. IMEasy also has a lot of visual interface options, including changing your background, font, and color, and downloading various themes.

eBuddy Messenger

eBuddy Messenger is almost all in one Instant Messenger App. It is works very quick with MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Google Talk, MySpace, and Hyves for instant Messenging. You can sort contacts by names, groups, or accounts and add a slew of alert bells and whistles and the feature offers page tabs for your buddy list, your open chats, and your accounts. eBuddy has a visually humorous, light exterior that comes complete with a little “eBuddy” buddy logo.

Nimbuzz: Free Calls and Messenging

Nimbuzz is free calls and messaging app for the connected generation. You can use it to meet, share, and connect with friends for free. Nimbuzz gives you Skype, Yahoo, Facebook, Google Talk/Orkut, AIM, MySpace, Gadu Gadu, and Hyves. Oddly. Everything else clicked in smoothly, including Skype. It has a  lots of options for you. With Nimbuzz, you can load your phonebook to the app, arranging your contacts view either alphabetically or by the various services you use.

Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo is the one the popular social network and it possesses most of the ingredients necessary to make a great IM experience. With Yahoo Messenger for Android, stay in touch with your IM friends. Always know when you get a new message or friend request. Access your friends’ status and update your own availability. Check out your friends and add new ones. Chat with your Yahoo! Messenger and MSN/Windows Live friends. Send camera and gallery photos and express yourself with emoticons and receive pix from your IM friends.


Pingdroid is advertised as an app that lets you simultaneously post text and photos to multiple social networks, using your account. You can post to more than 40 social networks, including Facebook profiles and Pages, FriendFeed, LinkedIn, MySpace, Posterous, Twitter and Yammer.


Meebo Android App is very straight-forward, simply enter your various chat network credentials and go and  is a multi-client instant messaging app for the Android platform. It is a totally free IM program that supports AIM, MSN, Yahoo, MySpace IM, Google Talk, Jabber and ICQ. It saves your IM history, so that you can access it from any computer by logging in your Meebo account. The chat user interface is simple and organized for mobile use.

K-9 Mail

The K9 Mail Android app is a great email client for the Android phone.  It allows you to send and receive emails. You can also access multiple in boxes from your mobile phone. This app also has the ability to configure with POP3, WebDAV, and also IMAP.  These are all Exchange email protocols that will help the app to run smoother and faster and also customize your notifications by messing with the vibrate alerts as well as the sounds on your Android Device.


The Fring App allows you to make video calls and chat over a 3G, 4G or WiFi connection. You can use most chat clients and Social Networks such as MSN Messenger, Google Talk, AIM, ICQ , Facebook and Twitter all with this one app. It is the way to  easy access the communicating with your contacts and Social Networks. With Fring you are also able to make free mobile and video calls as long as the other person is also using Fring.

MSN Messenger: Mercury Free

MSN Messenger access your Windows Live Messenger.It has the amazing features, File transfer, Voice clips, Group chat, Invisible sign in, Multiple MSN accounts Logging to sdcard Offline messaging, Show current song (MSN Now playing), Improved Launcher (Widget), Fling (or swipe) between contact lists and conversations and more. It gives the notifications while using, status bar, vibrate, audio, Chat with your MSN and Yahoo contacts.

Live Profile

Live Profile is a free Multi Platform mobile messenger for Android. Live Profile makes easy to stay connected with friends and share in real-time. Use your Android to send fast mobile to mobile messages, status updates, photos, videos, and more. The Live Profile is not work only on Android, it even works on the iPod Touch, iPhone and BlackBerry devices.

Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is a free smart phone to smart phone chat application that replaces text messaging. It’s crazy fast, fully cross-platform, and available free worldwide. Kik Messenger, lets you instantly and conveniently connect with your friends via real-time just turn your smart phone into your passport to the world for free.

Hi Facebook Chat

The Facebook app for Android has now been updated to grant you that ability, thanks to the addition of Facebook chat.Hi Facebook chat app is a customizable Facebook chat client for android. It support themes, smileys, fonts, bubbles and animations(Only with Hi FBook users). Data sent through network(no SMS fee).

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