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Run Android apps on your computer.

What is android? How to run android on your computer? To run Android on pc, you can get solution over here.
Android is well known to the people around the world as an operating system for smartphones and tablet computers. It is developed by the Open Handset Alliance led by Google. Now a days Android is leading mobile Operation System. Since the Android os has facilities of downloading many applications free from open sources, the craze of the mobile has increased exponentially. If you have android phone you know all about it, but since being expensive if you first want to try the android os on your computer before buying here is the perfect solution. 
Run Android application on your personal computer

you need certain external softwares to run android on your pc as Java development kit which is generally known as jdk and you need android development kit known as sdk.

Now you have to follows some steps so read carefully : First and formost step to run android on your pc needs software so download all as your wish which I have provided you below. Install java jdk then install android sdk. Android sdk would not install without jdk so you have to first install jdk. On completion of jdk installation, run android sdk which further more you have to click on installed packages from the list of installed packages. If you are first timer sdk runner you will not see any packages. For that install anyone you want.
click available packages then click android repository.Now expand that repository and uncheck entries except those you want to install such as if you want to install android 2.2 on your pc then check it and click install selected and wait for few minutes until it is downloaded.Once you have downloaded click virtual devices then click new and enter any name select android os version in the target and click create avd. 
Download jdk to run android on your pc
Download Android SDK

Then select your avd, click to start, then box then click launch in it.
now black window appears with a virtual keyboard. View power button if the os starts itself then it is good if it does not then hold the power button for a while to start your virtual phone. Now your android is ready to run.Use it like a phone.You can do anything with it you can browse internet,install apps read memory card.To read a memory card you should first convert it to an image files then you should edit the avd and give the location of that image file.

There are many programs to run android on your pc. As I mentioned on above. Beside another one among them is below which needs.

Minimum System Requirements
Intel Pentium 1.6GHz CPU, 1GB DRAM, 500MB disk space,
Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 32/64 bit

Product Limitations
Apps that have ARM native code, require Flash, require hardware sensors, or use closed source APIs, such as Google Map API, are not supported.
Here you can download software from following link.
Download Software for your pc

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