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Make money through Google Custom Search

I discover another AdSense Secret today. You can maximize your AdSense income by using Google AdSense for Search with the Google Custom Search. Google Custom Search allows you to make more
money and help your readers find the articles they are searching for. I will show you step by step how to add Google Custom Search to your blog and make money from it by combining Google AdSense for Search to the Google Custom Search.

Google AdSense for Search has been upgraded to Google Custom Search. Google Custom Search is a better version of AdSense for Search.

Benefits of Google Custom Search:
1. Better look of AdSense for Search box.
2. The new design is smaller in size and save space to be placed on website/blog.
3. Make more money from your AdSense account because Google Custom Search will place AdSense Ads in the result page and help you make even more money from Google AdSense.

Google Custom Search allows you to specify the website address of your search. So, you can place the link of your blog as the specified website. All the search results will be from your blog. Besides, you can add keywords to the Google Custom Search to enable better Ads targeting in the search results.

The more specific the keywords you use, the better the AdSense Ads in the Google Custom Search results. Thus help you get more clicks and make more money from Google AdSense.

So, you can visit and login your Google AdSense account today and setup you new Google AdSense for Search-- Google Custom Search to help you make more money.

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