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How to Upgrade Laptop

Unlike desktop computers, we can’t upgrade each and every single component of Laptop or Notebook computer easily. But, you can still upgrade laptop parts with putting little more effort and spending little more money.

Allmost all the laptops are branded and customized, whether they are of Dell, HP, Sony, Apple macbook etc
and most of the time, you will only require to upgrade following parts of laptop -

Often few manufacturers also allow to upgrade the processor speed as well. But I will suggest you to visit manufacturer’s authorized service center if you are thinking to upgrade the processor.
Physical Memory
You can go for more RAM to boost up the performance of your laptop. Before changing the RAM, make sure about the supported RAM speed and capacity of your motherboard. You can check your Laptop’s manual for details. Checkout this video how to upgrade your RAM.

Hard Drives
Here goes another important part of you Laptop that you can upgrade easily. It’s quite natural that next I will ask to backup all data carefully from your old hard drive before upgrading. A standard Laptop comes with 5400 rpm hard drive. But I will suggest you to go for 7400 rpm hard drive for better performance. Physical installation of hard disk is quite easy and you can easily replace the old one from the back side of your Laptop like the image below. Just make sure that power and IDE cables attached properly.

Upgrading batteries of your Laptop is very is and it’s like replacing the battery of your cell phone. If you are thinking to upgrade your battery then, I will suggest you to go for higher mAH capacity. For example, if your current battery is 2400 mAH then look for around 4800 mAH while purchasing the new one.
You can also upgrade other parts like Processor, USB panels, Speakers, WIFI port and many more. In this case I will suggest you to visit the authorized service center of your Laptop manufacturer.

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