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Adjusting Search Scope

Typically when you use a search box when browsing through folders you are
looking for a specific file. In Windows, you can configure if you want it to search
the content of the files or just the filename. By limiting what it is searching
through, you can increase the speed of your results.

Adjusting the scope of a search is very easy to do. If you want, you can even
have different search scopes for different folders. This allows you to have it both
ways. For example, if you are browsing files in the C:\Windows directory and you
want to search for a specific file, you can configure Windows Search to look only
in the C:\Windows folder. It is also possible to configure the scope of a search

placed in a different folder, such as your home folder, to search all information
available. Follow these steps to adjust the search scope for any folder:
  1.  Click the Start menu and select Computer.
  2.  Navigate to a folder for which you would like to change the search scope.
Press the Alt key to bring up the Classic menu bar.
  3.  Click Tools on the menu bar and select Folder Options.
  4.  When Folder Options loads, click the Search tab.
  5.  Under What to search, select In indexed locations, search file names and
contents. In non-indexed locations, search file names only.
  6.  If you would like to increase the performance even more at the cost of los-
ing additional functionality, uncheck Include subfolders in search results
when searching in file folders. located under How to search.
  7.  After you have made your changes, click OK to save them.
Your updated search scope is now activated.

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