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Disabling Aero Glass for Faster Performance

Now that you know how to fine-tune the settings of Aero Glass on your com-
puter so that it performs better, you may still want to make Windows Explorer
even faster. Disabling the Aero Glass composition engine will allow you to have
a much faster user interface experience on slower hardware. However, you will
lose most of the cool visual effects, such as the windows transitions and the

cool new Flip 3D window switcher, as shown in Figure 14-8.
Disabling Aero Glass will turn off the Desktop Windows Manager and Windows
will use a visual style engine similar to what was in Windows XP. The older visual

style engine works great on slower hardware that ran XP well. However, the look
of the user interface is a little different,

If you are willing to compromise the Aero Glass look for a big increase in
performance, follow these steps to disable Aero Glass:
  1.  Right-click the desktop and select Personalize from the menu.
  2.  Scroll down to the Basic and High Contrast Themes.
  3.  Click the first theme in the section. It is called Windows 7 basic. In a few
seconds the basic theme will be applied.
  4.  Close the Personalization window

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