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Using Windows Search without an Index

As I mentioned earlier, the indexing service plays a key role in accelerating
searches within Windows 7. Although this service provides a lot of value by
allowing you to search thousands of files quickly, it is not a requirement of

Windows Search. It is possible to disable the indexing service completely; how-
ever, searches with Windows Search will require much more time to complete
and can cause your hard drive to do a lot of work while Windows Search iterates
through folders and files instead of just accessing a search index.
Disabling the indexing service will save your computer extra memory and
CPU time required to run the application in the background. Depending on how
often you use the Windows Search feature, you can decide whether it is worth
sacrificing fast searches for a little extra performance from Windows Explorer.
Follow these steps if you decide to disable the indexing service:
  1.  Click the Start button, type services.msc in the Search box, and then press
Enter. This loads the Services utility.
  2.  After Services has loaded, scroll through the list and locate the Windows
Search service. This is the indexing service. Right-click this service and
select Stop.
  3.  When the service is stopped, make sure that it does not start again.
Right-click the service again and select Properties.
  4.  Locate the Startup type drop-down box. Change the Startup type from
Automatic to Disabled.
  5.  Press OK to close the window.
You have now successfully disabled the indexing service that is used by
Windows Search. Although your searches are now slower, you have freed up
processing power that can be used instead by other processes such as Windows

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