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Controlling Auto-Start Applications That Keep Coming Back

You may experience some applications that you have previously disabled auto-
matically starting up again. Software developers often use various techniques
to check that their application is registered to auto-start when you log on.
If it
is no longer set to auto-start, it will automatically set it up again to do so. The
software developers may be trying to make sure you use their application by
making it difficult to disable auto-start. In other cases, applications are just
trying to make sure that other programs are not disabling their program or
taking over their turf.
Competing software applications can often conflict and compete with each
other for use on your computer. This occurred when I installed several media
players on my PC. After installing the programs Winamp, iTunes, RealPlayer,
and Windows Media Player, I noticed that they would fight for my music file
associations (that is, which application would open the file). Every time I would
run RealPlayer, it would change all my music files over to be played in their
player by default. The same thing happened when I would try to play my music
files in other players. From this experience, I found that it was not uncommon

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