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Making Your Computer Log On Faster

The power of the Autoruns software lies in the ability to control other auto-
matic starting components such as browser add-ons and Explorer shell plug-ins.
Check out the following list of additional, useful tabs available in Autoruns:

Logon: n  Everything that runs when you log on.
Explorer:  n This tab helps you get your shell extensions under control as well
as see all the applications that tap into Windows Explorer with DLL files.
Internet Explorer:  n This tab lets you find applications that hook themselves
into IE.
Boot Execute:  n This tab enables you to find applications that have inte-
grated themselves into the system boot.
Print Monitors:  n Use this tab to get rid of extra print monitors for features
that you don’t use.
Drivers:  n This tab provides another way to disable drivers for your hard-
ware devices.
Winlogon:  n This tab lets you find all the applications that run on your
logon screen.
Sidebar Gadgets: n  Although these are called Desktop Gadgets in
Windows 7, you can still use this tab to disable gadgets you don’t want
loading when you log in.
When you uncheck any options, simply restart your computer for the change
to take effect.

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