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Using Autoruns to Identify and Disable Auto-Start Components

Autoruns by Microsoft Sysinternals is a more comprehensive tool to identify
and disable unneeded auto-start applications, components, and plug-ins. Similar
to the System Configuration tool, Autoruns operates in the same way but also

shows the auto-start components of other items such as browsers and the sys-
tem shell.
Autoruns is also easy to use. To get started, you need to download a free
copy of the Autoruns software from
sysinternals/bb963902.aspx or
.exe. After you have Autoruns downloaded and extracted to a folder, follow
these steps to get started:
  1.  Go to the directory where you have extracted Autoruns and run
  2.  When Autoruns has started, click the Logon tab, as shown in
Figure 13-3.
Figure 13-3: Using Autoruns
  3.  You will see all the automatic start applications, similar to the System
Configuration tool. Identifying an unneeded service is even easier in
Autoruns because of the right-click search feature. Right-click any entry
and select Search Online. This automatically opens your web browser and
searches Google for the process name. Simply selecting the entry will also
provide more information about what it is.
  4.  Disabling a process is also similar to the System Configuration tool. Just
clear the box to the left of the process name and it will no longer start after
a reboot.

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