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Using System Configuration to Identify and Disable Unneeded Startup Applications

The System Configuration utility included in Windows 7 is very easy to use.
First, you need to get a list of all the applications and components that automati-
cally start up when you sign in. Follow these steps to discover the applications 
that automatically start up on your system:
  1.  Click the Start button, type msconfig in the Search box, and then   
press Enter.
  2.  After the System Configuration utility has loaded, click the Startup tab, 
as shown in Figure 13-2. 
  3.  Now that the list of the active startup programs is visible, you need to 
research what programs should be removed. 
  4.  Because almost every computer has different programs starting up after 
logon, it is best to search the Web with the executable file name to find out 
if the application can be safely removed from startup. One useful site to 
visit is a database of common startup programs called AnswersThatWork, 

located at At 
that site, you will find a recommendation for each of the programs listed. 
If you cannot find one of your programs listed, just do a quick search on 
Google and most likely you will find several web sites showing what the 
program does and what removing it will do.

It’s easy to remove the automatic startup applications with the System 
Configuration tool. When you have the System Configuration tool open, follow 
these steps:
  1.  Locate the item you would like to disable from starting up and clear the 
box to the left of it. 
  2.  When you are finished unchecking all the applications that you no longer 
want to auto-start, press OK to save your changes. 
  3.  You are asked if you would like to Restart now or Exit without Restarting. 
I recommend that you restart now instead of waiting. 
  4.  After you restart, you are reminded by the System Configuration tool 
that you have just made some changes to your startup. Check the   
box that says Don’t show this message or start System Configuration 
when Windows starts.
After removing some of the automatic startup applications, you will notice 
that you can sign on much faster. If you have any problems after disabling a 
startup application component, you can always enable it again by checking its 
box in the System Configuration tool. 

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