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Disabling Windows 7 Action Center Alerts

Windows 7 Action Center alerts are not only an annoying feature for advanced
users, but they also slow down your logon time because they have to start auto-
matically when you log on. Disabling this feature by clearing a box is simply

not an option using the System Configuration utility or even Autoruns. Action
Center alerts are deeply embedded into Windows 7 and can be turned off only
from within the Windows Action Center application, similar to what you had
to do with RealPlayer.
If you are unfamiliar with security alerts, these are the little boxes that pop up
from your system tray that inform you that you are missing antivirus or other
types of computer protection. If you are an advanced user, you do not need to
be reminded all the time that your security settings may be insecure.
In Windows 7, Microsoft made it easy to disable security alerts from starting
automatically. Just follow these steps:
  1.  Click the Start button, type Action Center in the Search box, and then
press Enter.
  2.  After Action Center loads, click Change Action Center settings.

3.  Then, remove the check next to all the messages you don’t need to see, as
shown in Figure 13-6.
  4.  Click OK, close Action Center, and you are finished.
Figure 13-6: Disabling security alerts in Action Center
tip   Interested in more security-related tweaks and tips? Check out Part IV
of this book to learn how to fine-tune Windows security and your Internet
settings, and how to protect your privacy.
As you can see, stopping sneaky programs from starting automatically
requires you to go into the program’s options/preferences/settings. After you
are inside a program’s settings, you have to uncheck any options of features that
start up automatically. Most programs such as Windows Security Center alerts
are easy to disable from starting up automatically from within the preferences.
However, other programs, such as RealPlayer, require a little more work as you
have to disable automatic updates and several Message Center features.
The best way to stop other sneaky programs that keep starting up automati-
cally after you try to remove them using the System Configuration utility is to
dig through the program’s settings. Look in the program’s help file for informa-
tion about how to disable automatic startup if you are stuck. If you cannot find
any information, try searching the Web for information, or post a request for
help on one of the various computer support web sites, such as’s
forum at

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