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Making Your Computer Log On Faster

You can do two things to get RealPlayer under control. First, you need to
stop the scheduler from starting up every time you start Windows. You will
recognize this application in the System Configuration utility as realsched.exe.

No matter how many times you uncheck this item in the System Configuration
utility or Autoruns, it will keep coming back. The only way to stop it is inside
the RealPlayer application. Follow these steps to stop it for good:
  1.  Start the RealPlayer application by clicking the Start menu, type in
RealPlayer, and hit Enter.
  2.  After RealPlayer has loaded, click the Tools menu bar item and then select
Preferences. This loads the program preferences.
  3.  Expand Automatic Services and then select AutoUpdates.
  4.  Clear the Automatically download and install important updates box, as
shown in Figure 13-5.
Figure 13-5: Disabling RealPlayer’s automatic updates
  5.  To make sure that you will never again see a message from the so-called
Message Center, select the Message Center entry listed under Automatic
Services.236  Part III n Increasing Your System’s Performance
  6.  Click the Select Message Topics button on the right side of the window.
  7.  When the Message Center window is displayed, uncheck all items on the
screen. Navigate through the categories of messages and uncheck those
as well. When you are finished, press the Save Changes button.
  8.  Close the Message Center window so the Preferences window can be
viewed again.
  9.  After you are back to the Preferences window, press the Configure Message
Center button.
  10.  Clear all the boxes on the screen.
  11.  Press OK to close the Configure Message Center window.
  12.  A warning window displays informing you that you are disabling the
Message Center. Click Yes to proceed.
  13.  Close the Message Center window again so that you can view the
Preferences window.
  14.  Press OK to save your changes and close the Preferences window.
That’s it. RealPlayer is now under your full control and will not start up
automatically and will not send you advertisements. As you can see, it is more
difficult than just unchecking one box in the System Configuration utility, but
it is not that much more complex after you know what boxes to clear

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