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Fine-Tuning Performance Options

As I mentioned earlier, Windows 7 is all about the new experience that the visual
effects create for the user. These new visual effects require more computing
power from your hardware than ever before, resulting in slower performance
on older hardware.

I do not have the latest graphics card or a fast multi-core CPU —   although my
hardware does meet the minimum requirements for the new Aero interface —
so the new visual effects run. Unfortunately, they do not always run very well
and even appear to slow down my system at times. Often the animation effects
appear rough and when I drag windows around there appears to be a slight lag.
The poor performance occurs because the value ATI video card that I have can
barely keep up with the work it has to do. The new visual interface is provided
by the Desktop Windows Manager (DWM). This new composition engine uses
your 3D accelerated graphics card with DirectX 9 or DirectX 10 to draw the
entire desktop on 3D surfaces. Because my video card is at the bare minimum
requirements, I need to fine-tune the visual effects of the Aero interface so that
it runs better on my system.

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