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Speeding Up the User Interface

Windows 7 is all about the Aero Glass visual experience. Unfortunately, the
visual features that contribute to the experience can put a heavy load on your 
hardware. Unless you have a newer PC with a recent graphics card and a fast 
CPU, you may see a slowdown in performance caused by the visual effects
and features. This is noticed most when you are navigating between 
windows and closing them. These effects can sometimes give the impression 
that your computer is slower than it actually is because the animation is not running as 
fast as it was designed to run. 
In Windows 7, you can fine-tune the settings of the entire user interface for 
maximum performance. You don’t want to disable all the settings, however; 
instead, find a good balance between a good-looking interface and what you 
are willing to compromise for speed. The following paragraphs show you how 
to do this.

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